Paddling Pool

Finally Spring has arrived, although it is more like summer now, either way it’s warm. Maybe a little too warm for myself. I have spent the last few days sitting inside in the cool now wanting to go out and not knowing what to do with myself.


My people came home with a strange blow up thing, it was like a big bowel. I sat and watched them inflate it and was happy to jump in and out. But then the hose pipe appeared and it was ruined! They put water in it.  Now I think they meant for me to get in it, which I refused to do, I had already had my bath recently.


I was eventually put in it, to my dismay and I would not move. I think they meant for me to play with it.


Eventually I ran out of it and ran inside to dry myself on the sofa, (they weren’t too happy about that), the rest of the day went without vent till my person came home and saw what her sister had bought. She seemed to love the idea.

We went back outside to the big water bowel, (which I am told is called a padding pool) and she started to play with me with my little squeaky tennis ball. Suddenly it plopped in the water! I didn’t know what to do, I really wanted my ball but I just couldn’t reach from the side!


She knocked it closer and I put my mouth in to grab it and got wet! I did that a few times and when the ball was in the middle I thought I’d gingerly stepped in to the water to get the ball, actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought.


After a few more goes and a bit of chicken from jumping in and out, (the same trick I do normally in a washing basket), it was starting to be fun. I started racing round the garden and diving in it to retrieve the ball and whooshing back in the house to run back outside again. This is great and I don’t feel as warm anymore!


It was time to dry off soon so I tried to dry myself on the grass and in a bush!


It turns out that it isn’t the best way and you get really muddy and need another dip again!


Time to bring out my favorite part of a bath. THE TOWEL!


Now someone called me and asked me if I would like to go inside for some chicken so I pulled the strangest face!


I even had my tongue sticking out! Ah well it was a really fun day, and this paddling pool thing is a great idea, although I am not sure what they do with the water afterwards. I think they water the garden with it.

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