Katie Cat

Now all dog kind know that cats can be a problem, they poop indoors! in a box!, they climb places where I can’t go and they steal my biscuits! However I have a confession. I live with 7 feline friends (I use the term ‘friends’ loosely).  Now … 5 out of 7 I can live with,  1 is frightened of me and wont be anywhere near me. But the final cat … the other is the bane of my life! Meet Katie – a calico cat with attitude!
Now my people have told me Katie has a sad story to tell and I should feel sorry for her and love her none the less. I do try, but she is a big bully (okay she is actually smaller than me) and although she gets her claws trimmed and she can’t really bite, I wont look her in the face. I did try to befriend her at first, but she just doesn’t like me. I guess we can’t all get along.
Either way Katie isn’t very nice so Canine companions I beg you to beware!
(Note from Human)
Katie was abandoned as a young mother cat with kittens. Sadly her kittens died and she was left alive. We ended up with Katie as someone in our family worked at at Cattery that was helping her to be adopted, and after a few hints (Mum there is a cat at work….. it is sad…. it would love a home), we adopted her. She was scrawny and ugly when we first took her home, but with a lot of love and kindness she turned into the pretty cat you see today. She prefers men – mainly my dad, and hates a cuddle. Though her growls are all show; even when she does bite or claw she has no strength. So Katie even thought you frighten Alfie a little we love you lots.

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