New Basket!

I forgot to tell you! When I went for a trip to Chester , I  came back with a brand new, posh and comfy, basket just for me!


My old one has been given to the cats to nap in; high up on their units in their room. But mine is a nice red basket to mach the living room! I also got a new leather lead, though to be honest I don’t know how long it will last; lets us see if I get a taste for leather! it is all red and shiny and supposedly matches my red harness. It is for my ‘dog about the town’ days. I prefer the basket to the lead. Did I tell you it was comfy.

6 thoughts on “New Basket!

  1. Sure looks comfy. I’ve making do with an old plastic bed with a blanket in it. I’ve had several comfy ones… but I’ve disemboweled them all. Tee hee!

  2. I had a nice wicker basket but the cat ate it! I don’t disembowel them, but it is sooooooooooo much fun to throw the cushiony bit around!

  3. You are the most lovely dog! You remind me of the first dog I was ever owned by. His name was Butch, a border collie mix if I am remembering correctly, and he was my ever present friend and protector from birth until I was 14.

    Thanks for visiting me today!

    • It is so nice to have such a long time fried. Though I am much smaller than a collie! I am only about cat sized! I am glad you like me and I hope you find another friend. 🙂


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