Norton Priory

As a day out my whole pack of people (myself included) went for a look at Norton Priory. Now it was nice to be able to go somewhere with the family because normally I have to be left at home with them felines! So a 30 minute journey in the car and we were there.


At first my people were worried about taking em through the information centre, but after paying for our tickets and talking to a lovely old dear, she told us that the ‘little doggie’ could go anywhere at all. The only restriction was that I had to sit in the outside area of the cafe. Any being a lovely sunny day who would mind that!


My person tried to take some photo’s inside the centre but it was so dark they didn’t turn out to well. According to the people there this was a religious site, whatever that is. My people like them because they like history.


I met a lovely poodle too she was a nice black fluffy girl (I forgot her name) I had a good play with her before we went outside. It is a very interesting thing and the smells were brilliant! There was an ‘undercroft’ (whatever that is) but on this really warm day is was lovely and cool. My person told me it was where all the food and drink was stored but I couldn’t find any.

We then ventured outside to see the ruins of the rest of the priory which were brilliantly fun. I was even allowed off my lead for a little bit!


There were such smells and sights to see! I ran around jumping up and over the small walls. They were once huge walls that some funny bald looking people lived in. My person says they look like her dad! After having a wander round the ruins we found you could also walk round the grounds where a mini sculpture park was installed.



We walked to the canal and back looking at the many things around.

After such a trying walkies we just hadΒ to stop in the cafe for a refresher! I was allowed a bit of crumpet and some doggie biscuits that were fetched from home for me. We went on to the walled gardens, which sadly I wasn’t allowed in. The lady at the desk wasn’t sure why she said it might be because I could ‘tinkle’ on the expensive plants. So my people had to take it in turns.



Then onto the little stables where they now have chickens. I like the chickens and whilst my people were walking round the stables, (where apparently the gardeners lived above) , I just sat and had a rest while I watched them.

It was a nice day, we even went out for some tea afterwards!

(Note from Human)

If you have a dog, like history and live (or are visiting) Β in the Cheshire area please check this out! The people were lovely, they offered a bowl of water to Alfie and even offered to seat us inside the cafe if the weather turned. They were brilliant, accommodating and just lovely. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with children or dogs.


10 thoughts on “Norton Priory

  1. Hi Alfie! I’m stopping by to say hello since you visited MY blog – it’s always nice to meet new friends. I know all about Papillons because my Mom knew a lady here in Virginia where I live who bred and raised them. She was a writer and wrote a bunch of books featuring papillons. Sadly she’s no longer with us but she used to bring one of her doggies to book signings where my Mom was also in attendance and that’s how she learned about what wonderful pups Papillons are. Anyway, it’s nice to meet you – the Priority looks like a lovely and fun place to have a sniff and a run. It’s nice to explore new places isn’t it?!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Hello!
      It is nice to meet someone who know Papillons. I have never met another one myself. Though I’d like to πŸ™‚ A book on Papillons sounds nice, we are a funny little breed. Exploring new places is great! I like picnics best because you get to beg for food from different people!

    • Hi Speedy. I quite like rabbits and rather than chase your wild cousins when out and about I just sit and watch them. They are pretty much the same size of me though so that may be why. It must be hard being a bunny and not being able to go places with you mum, I get taken loads of places! Being cute and fluffy means you can break a few rules πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Hi Alfie

    It’s me, Bella, the black miniature poodle you met at Norton Priory. I loved meeting you – you are very handsome. I love going to Norton Priory and visit 2 or 3 times every week. It’s my favourite place in the whole wide world. Everyone there is very nice to me and sometimes I do tricks for them. I’ve even had lunch there outside the restaurant.

    Maybe I’ll see you at Norton Priory again sometime.

    Love and woofs from

    Bella xxx 🐩

    • Hello Bella!

      Fancy meeting you here πŸ™‚ My people liked your little fuzzy mush! It is a brilliant place for doggies to go to isn’t it? though we live a good 45 minutes drive away. The people are lovely and seemed to go out of their way to make our day out great. We stopped for a crumpet but not proper lunch it must be lovely to live so close!

      My people are planning on going back sometime to take the youngest person, but I don’t know when.


      Alfie πŸ™‚

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