Bath Time

Seeing as I haven’t been for a big outing in a while, I have somehow managed to go without a bath for two weeks. Hahaha people, how did you not notice?

But yesterday my person picked me up for a cuddle, and had to put me back down again with a funny look on her face.

I have been brushed every couple of days or so, so my fluff is lovely and pretty, just a little pongy.

My person called it “cheesy feet” because my little doggy feet smell. Personally I am quite fond of the cheesy, foot smell, you should smell my dad’s socks. They are fabulously cheesy!

Enough with the cheese I am getting hungry.


(Look at me, no matter what face I made my person was determined to make me clean!)

I was kidnapped by my person and plonked quite ungracefully in the bath. I get showered and then the shampoo appears. It is all smelly and frothy, and squishy, it gets rubbed all over to make my fluff nice and my feet smell pretty.


 After a long rinse to get the soap out of the fluff. I get to jump out of the bath and run madly round the house as my people try to catch me towel dry me.


(I really want to escape from the bathroom)

I like to dry myself on the carpet. Carpet is great for drying yourself on.


Eventually they catch me and the brushes and the little blowy metal thing appears (the people call it a hairdryer). It is a monster of undoggy proportions.  Still it is warm and means that I get dry quickly, which is better when it is colder because I don’t freeze.


After the hair drying I am brushed and then set loose on the world as a little fluffy monstrosity, me and my fluff are coming to get you. x

7 thoughts on “Bath Time

  1. Hi Alfie! I bet you actually feel great now that you’ve had a bath and have been “un-cheesed”……you sure look fluffy and happy to have the bath thing OVER with!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Oh Sammy that is the best bit! Running round the house drying yourself on the carpet is great!

      Being a cat though I bet you do all that washing yourself like my feline friends do, they stay so clean and unsmelly, I don’t know how they do it. I tried licking my paws but they tend to smell worse afterwards not better. 😀

    • Bath time is more of a nasty wait for a big play! Summer is smellier than winter. I get bathed less because I don’t get as muddy it all goes up a notch in winter! I hope Sophie has fun having a bath 😀

    • Thank your mummy for me Speedy 😀 Do rabbits have baths or can you clean yourselves like a cat can? I have never thought to ask before. x

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