Blackberry Picking


Is is officially the end of summer basically and the blackberries are out in force!


I don’t really like blackberries to be honest, strawberries are an altogether different thing though. But my people didn’t take me strawberry picking, they took me blackberry picking.  So we walked down our usual route till we found the ‘bestest spot ever’, according to them.


We stopped, dropped our stuff ans starting picking. What I learned is that people seem to be hurt by the plants, I stuck my face in them like usual and they didn’t do a thing!  Does any other doggy get stung by nettles? I know my ear fluff gets caught in the brambles and I have to bark to let my people know, so that they can come and untangle me.


Well I had fun running around and playing with the cut grass. My people picked a whole tub full of blackberries, their hands got covered in pink stuff

+and so did my leg! I was pink for a little bit, till they washed it off. I don’t really want to be pink, I’d like to be white please.


7 thoughts on “Blackberry Picking

  1. I like raspberries, alpine strawberries and blueberries. I don’t like cultivated strawberries and blackberries . You’re right only tongues and skin should be pink… never fur.

    • I like blueberries and will take a raspberry off of my person but then spit it back out at her. 🙂 Blackberries aren’t great either, especially when I knew my person had chicken in her pocket… just for me! 🙂

    • I guess being a big city dog is quite different to being a little town/country dog. But they can still have fun, even if it is in different ways 😀

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