Why do cats get all the boxes? I know boxes are a cat thing, but for once in a while I’d like to sit in a box.

Perhaps it will make them like me more if I start sitting in boxes too.  Skally is king of the cats and has all the boxes first. It’s not fair.


Well I rebelled against it and stole that box! For dog kind! We like boxes too, especially ones you can just fit your bum in. They make nice chew toys and good hiding places.


Though I had to give it up eventually, it was too small for me to sleep in. I tried though, I will just have to keep to sitting in them and ripping them apart and eating the pieces. Who says dogs can’t like boxes?


10 thoughts on “Jealous

  1. Oh I think dogs like boxes for the same reasons we cats do – – – snacks and hiding spots and if the right size, naps! Being a small-sized guy you SHOULD have box-ability!!!!! I’m all for it!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. I get all the boxes in our house ‘cos there are no cats here 🙂 I’m not one for lying in them… that would need some seriously big box… but I LOVE to shred them. I’m doing my bit to help in recycling them by reducing them to small pieces that fit in the recycling bin. Sometimes I even get them before they’re empty 😉

    • I have never tried shredding them, but I do like to chew a good bit of newspaper. The people don’t know how good they have it all the things we do for them. I bet they wouldn’t like to sit and pull the boxes to bit, we shall have to protect them from the boredom of the job 😛 x

    • Oo a bunny who likes boxes, I bet you can jump in and out of them easily Speedy 🙂 With the bigger boxes I have to have a little help x

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