On Saturday I was quite happily walking to the mini supermarket with two of my people. We wanted some lunch before we went on our adventure. Instead halfway down the street, my people noticed a loose dog near the main road. We stopped as, they can not let an animal get hurt, and he would have been hit by a car if left. But before anyone could do anything, he saw me and came running.

I was in his MOUTH! Then I was in the air. One of my people had picked me up and the other had dragged the dog away. Once he had been taken away and the man had come to check if everything was okay, which my people told him it was and he could go now. So he left.

Two other people had heard my screams and came running to me. I was checked over by everyone, and they found blood! Panic set in and they frantically tired to find out what was wrong. I tired to tell them I was okay; scared but not hurt.  They only got the idea when they all found the blood was coming from one of their fingers. The dog had tried to get me but my lovely, amazing person had put her hand in the way.

I was asked to sit down and given some ham and a cuddle. That made it all better and in about 2 minutes flat, I was okay and none the worse for wear. Ham makes thing better you know.

We carried on to the supermarket, and one person waited while the other pop in. On the way home we met a very cute Boxer puppy, I had a good play and all was well. I know all dogs aren’t scary, it is just every now and again you meet the odd nasty one and that shouldn’t make you fear everything. Also a good play with your monkey toy sorts most things.



(Note from Human)

Little Alfie did get attacked this weekend. My sister and I fancied some lunch and decided rather than take the car, we would both go together and walk Alfie in the process before I continued on towards our adventure. We got a few hundred metres out of our house before we both spotted a loose dog. Brown and white about 3 ft in height he was a big doggy. He was just sniffing around and seeing as we were so close to the main road I was worried. I had passed Alfie across to my sister (lucky I did that) and before either of us knew what was happening, the dog had charged.

I thought he was headed for my sister, only too late did I realise he was going for Alfie. The dog had him in his mouth before I knew it and Alfie was screaming like I have never heard him scream before. My sister had managed to kick the dog and wrench Alfie from his mouth, and pick him up above her. But the dog kept going, he was trying to climb her to get to him. I grabbed hold of the dogs tail (the only thing I could reach at this point in time) and pulled him off them both, got his collar gave it a short sharp tug, told him in a stern voice to stop, and it was over.

A small girl dressed in pink, had come round the corner, it was her family’s dog. She was poping to the same shop when he escaped, he was too big for her and shoved her aside out of the gate and free. There was no way she could take it back home. So I offered, I had no bad feeling towards the dog, it was the bloody people controlling him. And how could I be angry at a girl, who was probably lighter than the dog. I took him as far as the gate and put him inside. A man came out, he was obviously worried about his dog, (he had escaped near a main road, who wouldn’t be) . When I told him what had happened he look heart broken, he said he knew he was a dog aggressive dog and had his lead and muzzle to hand. He came and looked at Alfie and was glad he wasn’t hurt. We parted ways and though not more of it.

Then I saw my sisters hand, the dog had got to her trying to get to Alfie. In that instance I felt as though I had failed miserably, I hadn’t protected my younger sister, or my dog. But they were both okay and we carried on.

On the way home we met a lovely puppy, he was a lanky baby Boxer, he played with Alfie and Alfie played with him. It was nice to see he wasn’t put off other dogs at all. The next day we continued on our Sunday walkies as if nothing had happened, we met his normal friends and he seemed fine.

It did raise questions though. The dog bit my sister. Yes because she put her hand near it’s mouth, and in the way of Alfie,  and for the size of the dog it was a very small bite. But a bite is a bite. At the time we both just wanted out of the situation as soon as possible, so left as soon as we knew Alfie was okay. But should we have reported it? Who should we have reported it to? It was a dog on dog attack so not illegal, or breaking any law. But what if I was on my own? What if it was one of the children that walk their dogs along that stretch of road all too often? It could have been so much worse, but it wasn’t.

I just don’t know what to do.

Anyway next week we will continue on our adventures.


20 thoughts on “Attack!

  1. How very scary for all of you…’s grand Alfie had a more positive interface with a dog later that day but I know my biggest concern after determining that my dog was not hurt would be the bite…..infection, etc. That family that owns the attacking dog should take better care to keep it under control at all times knowing it CAN and HAS attacked other dogs before. Such a sad situation all ’round…..Alfie looks adorable with his monkey toy so obviously he’s “moved on”…..but it’s hard to forget that kind of thing isn’t it?!

    Pam (and Sam)

    • Yeah once we were home we got the wound cleaned properly, and then phoned the GP to make sure she was all jabbed up and okay. I don’t know how the guy thought that letting the child out of the gate on her own was okay, especially with such a big dog around. I can understand it was all an accident in this instance. But you never know.
      It is hard to forget, but I am glad Alfie has forgotten, and my sister is okay. Thanks

  2. Such a awful experience for all concerened. I am delighted it ended on a happy note. About the biting dog, I would go back and talk to the man about how your sister was bitten in the exchange and explain my concerns that he needs to be more protective of his dog by not putting him in the situation of being able to get out of the gate as his daughter is to small too be able to hold him in. Dogs can be so quick to escape from their enclosures when they see an escape for a romp on their own. Myself I’d not contact any authorities about it as the man does know his dog is aggressive and bringing in the third party could have unfortunate concesequences for the family and the dog.

    • Yeah that might be a good idea, I just was worried about what would happen if I did something and worried about if I didn’t. I can always go and talk to him without Alfie. Thanks

    • Thank you! Yeah you need to watch them permanently, if you aren’t watching them then they need to be safe. Still we are all good and that is what matters 🙂

  3. I witnessed a dog attack last Christmas Eve. It was horrible. The little dog that was attacked looked a lot like Alfie. The poor little thing was walking on a leash when a big dog ran right in front of my car and grabbed the little dog(Cookie) right out of her collar. The owner was distraught! I left my car in the middle of the road and ran after the big dog to make him drop Cookie. Every time he let Cookie go, he would spin around and grab her up again before her owner could get ahold of her. In all, he had her, at least, three times! We finally got Cookie and the attack dog and the other dog he was loose with, led me to their home. I knocked on the door and a 10 year old boy answered and let his dogs in. I asked to speak to an adult and he said he would get a parent, but shut the door and nobody came out or answered my knocks! The family eventually paid for Cookie’s vet bills ($1000) and Cookie recovered. I filed a report with animal control. Now, fast forward to a month ago: I was driving on the same road behind my subdivision and I see the attack dog and his buddy running loose down the road. Not only are they at risk of getting hit by a car, it is only a matter of time before an innocent, unsuspecting dog and owner will come walking along, and they will be attacked, no doubt! I drove straight to the owners house, knocked on the door, and an adult opened the door. I informed her that her dogs were loose, and I had witnessed the attack last year, and that I would try to help her catch her dogs. Her response astounded me. She told me she was too busy and that once they got tired that they would make their way home. She also added in a few choice words when speaking to me. I was in shock! How could she be so rude and such a horrible pet owner. I went back out to the road, coaxed the nice dog into my car, and drove him home. The mean dog followed my car because I had his buddy. I knocked on the door again to return the dogs. Did I get a thank you? Nope! I politely and calmly told the owner how appalled I was with her behavior. I drove home and filed another report to animal control. I never walk my 2 dogs on that road. I’m too afraid that the irresponsible pet owner will have let her dogs loose again, and is just waiting for them to come home on their own. I think you should report the incident. Then there is a paper trail if something else happens and it may force the owners to step up their supervision of their animal.

    • That sounds like a horrible ordeal! At least you did the responsible thing and stopped the dogs from being hit by the traffic. The people sounds like they shouldn’t have any sort of animal in their care. At least the guy that owned the dog tat attacked Alfie knew what had happened,and had a muzzle and lead to hand. He did explain that the dog was dog aggressive and he normally walks it with the muzzle. I think it is more educating the people to make sure the dog is well away from the gate before anyone tries to go out of it.

      Thanks for sharing the experience, even if it was a bad one 🙂

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