Sway Not Squeak

Sway is a camouflaged ninja cat!

She is a funny colour so when she hides in the bushes you can’t see her and  she can whack you before you even know she is there! Sneaky eh?


She is Bubbles’ sister (I mean … I know we are all brother and sister but, these two came as a set). A matching pair of felines.  She was supposed to be called Squeak I think… so we had a Bubbles and Squeak like the grub, but somehow that got lost in translation I guess so she ended up as Sway.  A bit of a funny name if you ask me but cats can be like that, and I guess it isn’t as bad as ‘Excalibur’. Still the name stuck, personally like Alfie better but hey ho.


To be honest she doesn’t really care for me. No matter how much I try to play or even if I sit next to her, she doesn’t want to know me. She just put her nose in the air and walks off.

Her ear is a little bit ripped, the people tell me it was because a big monster tried to attack the house and she saved everyone. But I spoke to Bubbles and he said he did it to her when they were kittens.

I even tried to chase her but NOTHING, she just sits there and stares. Only If I do something wrong or if I am asleep does she do anything, which is when I want to be left alone! I don’t like it when she sits in my basket though. That isn’t fair she has all the baskets and the cat stools and can even get up on top of this I would never reach! Yet she chooses my basket. 

She is an old girl and likes to be with her mummy all the time, which is nice enough.

She is a bit scary, and she gets away with everything, so I will leave it at that!


11 thoughts on “Sway Not Squeak

    • I know. The people say as long as we can get along amicably we don’t have to like one another. I guess everyone has people they like and dislike. 🙂


      • It’s true Alfie…..there’s a “neighborhood” cat that visits my house and she and I have learned to keep our distance. Why she doesn’t fall under my spell I just don’t know but we can be “distant friends” – it works for me. 😀


  1. Me and Freya are in a similar situation to you. We have a little furry housemate and she doesn’t like either of us. She is 14 now we are told but all she does is hiss at us. I suppose it doesn’t help that we are so much bigger and there are 2 of us. We are both hoping that she might get used to us eventually as she smells so nice, but them again it could be the food she eats that smells nice!!!

    • They do smell nice especially their bums. and i like their food better than mine, especially the cat treats they are the best. Two against one must be scary I know 7 against one can be. 🙂 THough as long as we can live happily I guess it doesnt matter. Dogs are better though 🙂

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