The Christmas Kitten

I am told a few years ago (maybe 5 or 6), a couple from up the road had a cat. A little black cat. Now this cat had her sister a small tabby, sadly the little sister was hit by a car. She died. Now this little cat had no friends and she was full of kittens. She eventually had the kittens, all 4 of them and was a happy family for a few weeks.Till one day, the family up and left, taking her kittens with them.

 She was alone in the world, and no one would let her in her home, it was snowing and cold, and generally not nice for a small cat. She wandered down the road and found some people who knew what had happened. At first they let her stay in the shed. They gave her a hot water bottle and a basket at night, and breakfast in the morning. But still no one came for her. On Christmas Eve, with no one coming back top collect her, my people decided that she wasn’t going to stay in the shed any longer.

She was given a name, a nice warm home, friends and a family.

Meet Inky the Christmas kitten.

(I am told she used to like getting in bags when she first came to the family)


Now I know her back story is sad and all but Inky I can tell you is a little Madam! After having the kittens she got a big belly and it hasn’t left her, so she wobbles as she walks. She gets a grump on easily and can be really jealous of other cats, but not of me! (Is that good or bad? I don’t know to be honest) and she steals other peoples food; including mine (which is mean).


She likes a conversation with my people, she will sit next to them and meow and meow as they say nice things to her. She likes to poke people with her foot. Especially in the face!

I like Inky because she is funny but she doesn’t seem to like me!

(Note from Human)

Inky is a great cat, if you have ever read the book A Christmas Kitten by Vivienne French (as my sisters and I did as children), she so just reminded us of her.

We do love you Inky, and you can stay here forever.


17 thoughts on “The Christmas Kitten

  1. What a VERY sweet story about how Inky came to have a home with you. She’s beautiful and certainly sounds like she’s full of purrrrsonality. I think it’s lovely that your humans gave her a nice warm home and I’m sorry you think she doesn’t like you Alfie BUT I just bet she secretly DOES like you…..but she doesn’t want you to know…..cats can be kind of contrary like that you know!

    Happy Holidays and thanks for the sweet Christmas story of Inky!

    • I hope she likes me. I think she can just be a little jealous… hopefully anyway. She gets to be a little madam, when she doesn’t get what she wants! But I like her. Maybe one day we can have cuddles 🙂

      Happy Holidays Sammy 😀

  2. What a beautiful story about a lovely panther kitty (they always have huge personalities) I am so pleased Inky is with real family and I am sure Alfie that Inky does have a great love for you…somewhere..deep inside hehehehe 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

    • Panther coloured yes! Panther shaped no … more like a black hole with a big bottom! I hope she does, thought I don’t think she does. She gets a right grump on and bops me on the nose sometimes. 😦 but you never know 🙂

      • HAHAHAHAHA oh Alfie a tubby bubby hey 🙂 sometimes the girls here put the whap on the boys too…they always look surprised..they think the wagging cat tail is the same signal as a wagging doggie tail..bup bow…wrong 😉

      • Yeah I learnt not to go through a door way if a cat is sitting there. I will almost always get battered. Cats are confusing ….. at least one of them likes me. 🙂

      • Well that’s better than none my friend ..our bays used to get belted by Simba and sometimes Merlin who were both black cats..when they died we ended up with another black kitty …they took one look and left her cats smack is their theory..although Dinnermintz smooches them and head butts them…but then again she does that with the sheep too !!! 🙂

  3. hello alfie its dennis the vizsla dog hay nice to meet yoo!!! that is a grate storry abowt inky i am glad she has fownd a home with yoo and yore famly as a former homeless animal myself i can definitly say that having a home is better then not!!! ok bye

    • Yeah having a home and lots of friends and people to look after you is nice 😀 I wish all doggies and kitties could have the same! I guess our people can help little by little . 🙂

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