Sorry To See You Go

We are now well and truly out of the Christmas period, all the decorations have left leaving the house looking very bare. However worst of all, is the fact that on Christmas Eve my dear old friend Bubbles got ill, he was taken to the emergency vets, who gave him some antibiotics, however he got worse Christmas Day and by Boxing Day he couldn’t even swallow his medicine. He just lay there on the cushion and never moved.

My people said that he wasn’t very well and that we should say goodbye to him. I gave him a sniff and a lick and that was that. My Daddy and eldest person took him in the carrier the next morning and I never saw him again. I was told he went to the kitty and puppy heaven and I would see him again some day. I miss him a little, I have a look on the chair he used to sit on sometimes but he isn’t there. Sway his sister was sad for a few days too, she wanted cuddles a lot more than usual.

I don’t like it when people leave, I wish they didn’t. The house seems a little empty without him there, but I have other friends and family to be with me.

Bye Bye Bubbles. xxx


12 thoughts on “Sorry To See You Go

  1. Oh Alfie I’m sorry you lost your friend Bubbles….it’s always a bit empty feeling when someone you know suddenly isn’t there any longer but it sounds like he must have been sick enough that it was his time to go over the Bridge. You will indeed see him some day – we all will !! He looks a bit like me – ginger tabby… old was he? I just turned 14 and my Mom says she’s happy that so far I’m hanging in there pretty well with no big health problems. Sigh. I guess sooner or later we ALL have to go though……let’s hope it’s LATER!!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • I know we do, my people say he is in a nice place. He was only 13 … but being a kitty of cat flu and having a heart murmur didn’t help him either. Yeah sounds like your getting o a bit … lets hope it is later LOTS LATER!!!

    • I know we were sad for a while, but we did the best we could and he had had a great little life and I do swear Alfie his sister knew what had happened.

  2. Alfie, we’re sending purrs and soft paw pats to you since you lost Bubbles. We had a dog who used to live with us and when she went over the Rainbow Bridge, we were really sad. Just let your humans hold you and keep you warm and safe.

    • We had lots of cuddles and my mummy had a cry so I tried to cheer her up a bit by fetching her my toys. I hope it helped but you never know. We all have to carry on I have been told and I hope I make lots of new friends even though the old can’t be replaced.

  3. Oh Alfie how very sad tht you all had to say goodbye to Bubbles…we do miss them so much but when they are so unwell it is much nicer for them..even if it breaks our hearts..hugs to you and your furmaliy Fozziemum xxx

  4. Oh, sweet Alfie we are so sorry to hear about sweet Bubbles it is hard to see or friends or family members leave us. We leave all of you lots of warm, gentle hugs and hope the sadness is replaced by wonderful memories of Bubbles very soon.

  5. I’m so very sorry about Bubbles. I had to say goodbye to my dad Jacob and my Auntie Snowdrop recently. I hate sayin’ goodbyes. I know how you feel. Too sad for words.

    Lovin’ purrs that heal the heart,

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