Lady Heyes


Over this weekend two of my people and I went to a crafty/old things centre called Lady Heyes. It is a pretty little place a while away from our house in the car (as I know know the metal box is called). There is a caravan park not to far away so you get to meet lots of different people and lots of different doggies. Though in this instance we only met one doggy who wasn’t too fond of me so we shall say no more of that!


We had a mosey round at all of the oddments, which took a blooming long while! I tell you my people can look at things for far too long sometimes.

There were all sort of things, tea cups, watches, jewelry, mirrors, picnic baskets, cushions, ornaments … all sorts to be honest. Though not many dog friendly things.


There was a nice cushion though and my people bought it for me to go in the car so I can have a kip on car journeys and have something to put my head on. I am a pampered pooch you know.


It is quite fun to get sniffing in to all of these things, especially some of the old furs (my people don’t like them much) but I loved the smell of them.

There were baskets, and cake shops and a record shop and all sorts. I was loved and cuddled and fussed and even kissed! by quite a few different people.


As you can see I do love to meet new friends.  After looking around for a few hours we stopped off at the chip shop to grab some grub! I am not normally allowed chips but I stole a little piece and make a stupid face. Who takes a photo of some one when they are eating? The horror!


Anyway, it was nice and a little bit different. I like being able to go to places with my people, I don’t like being left alone, it is boring.

(Note from Human)

It is a great place to go to if you are into your vintage things or just cake. The only place that dogs aren’t allowed is the cafe which I guess I can understand. Still it is a nice place to go for an afternoon.


Papillon Point of View

Hello I am Alfie.
As you can probably see I am a dog, a black, white and tan dog, but not just any dog I am a  Papillon!

Supposedly we Papillon are an old breed, many famous Kings and Queens favored us and lavished us, even Marie Antoinette had a Papillon friend. This is all well and good, but to me, living in a cute corner of Cheshire being a Papillon means that I get more loves and cuddles on my daily outings.


I decided I wanted to start a blog to keep the twilight hours of my life occupied, and with these dainty paws I will type my thoughts and feelings on all of the doggy related things going on in and around my area.


I will show you all the walks and beautiful scenes this part of the country has to offer.

And there will be a few pictures of me along the way.


Good Night for now.