Puppy Phase

My people think it is important for  you people to see how I have changed since I was a puppy, right now I am nearly three!
But I was once very cute and a lot less fluffy!


Although once upon a time I was a little gangly legged thing with short ears and a huge nose.They thought it was time you saw the puppy stage.  I am slightly embarrassed to be honest please be nice. Some of the photo’s aren’t the best but you get the gist.


Look at them little ears!

I first came to the house at 6 months old, I was being sold by a lady who had Pomeranian’s and me. I guess I wasn’t wanted, though after seeing me for the first time my mummy and my sister, fell in love at once! I have never looked back since.


My favorite bandanna used to look more like a cape!

I filled out a lot and my ears grew to match the rest of me, my bandanna is now a nice size – although I do like to chew it every so often to my persons annoyance. I have grown up learning a lot of things on the way, I can now even be trusted to have an ‘off lead’ walkies, (if it is safe of course), all I need is a little persuasion. I do hope I learn more, and get more treats and plays on the way.

(Sorry about the photo’s my person has a poo! camera back then)