Mud and Muck

Summer has definitely ended, and with Autumn brings the rain, and with the rain comes the mud! Being a short dog, I am of course closer to the ground which means I get mud everywhere!


It ends up in my armpits in my tail fluff, bum fluff, on my feet, up my chest, in my ear fluff. Anywhere close enough gets covered. This walk down near our river was where I first met mud and puddles.


At first I absolutely hated it. I would walk round puddles, and would never dream of walking through anything so dirty.

I still have a little bit of that left in me, if there is a choice to go round or jump over I will. I have made a few mistakes in my life trying to jump over a puddle and ended up in them (which I am not too happy about)


Every now and then though you just have to walk right through the middle of a nice brown mush! It does feel nice and cool on your feet when it is warm. It is just normally when it is muddy it isn’t warm and I don’t need extra cold by getting muddy feet! At least for now the mud is minimal, I am hoping winter isn’t too mushy though.  I am happy as a clam without the muddy puddles, fox poop is much nicer to roll in!

P1060878After our little walk we came home and found that the mum and dad out the house, had started the garden cutting! Right now I can’t go up there.

There are too many dangerous things for a little doggy. With cutters and big sticks and all horrible saws! Still they say it makes it look pretty in Summer again, so I guess I don’t mind.


Well winter is on its way, and I hope it isn’t too cold.

How muddy do you get?

Marshall’s Arm

One of my most favourite walks, is one I go to most days, and that is a walk down to Marshall’s Arm nature reserve near Northwich. It is a very fun and dog friendly place to be, and being about 2 minutes walk from my own front door it is perfect for a romp in the grass.


After a little play on the field there is a little off shoot down a big hill that leads you into the nature reserve, it used to frighten me as a puppy and I would have to be carried down but now being a more ‘mature’ doggy ( I am 3 in July), I can do it all on my own.

Marshalls Arm The track is lovely and wide and there are tree’s and bushes galore (beware the brambles though if you have long ear fluff!, I have been tangled, more than once).

It leads up to another hill which goes to a view point this time with steps.

P1050010My people have taken to letting me run up the hill and having a nice sit down at the top. It was a beautiful day for a walk yesterday even though it did get a little hot.

P1050025We then potter back down the hill, and you carry on the path which lead you to the River Weaver, or at least a part of it anyway, it is a pond that the river flows into. My person says it is safe for doggies to swim in because there is very little current, although at the moment I wont go near it. I am quite happy staying warm, and dry.


Eventually you get to a gate which lead to you the main river and a huge banked field. I like to wander off a little as I can fit under the gate sneakily, where as my person has to fiddle and mess to get through. P1050074It is then on to the blue bridge! This is a big green and grassy field that was flooded over winter, but now with no water insight, we can walk on it again! I do love this section of field there is just so much space! for a doggy to play in.What we didn’t realise was how long the grass has got and how pretty the buttercups were. There weren’t here last week!P1050137I mean look at it! It comes up all the way to my chest! I had to jump and bounce my way along the rest of the way.P1050112

There does end up being a little trail, doggies before me have walked before and even the odd fox (or so I am told). P1050158

Then you reach the blue bridge and a lovely little boat going underneath, my person waves as she normally does, I just like to watch them go past. The beginning of the end starts and we turn round to go home, I am all the more tired and sometimes need to be carried again. I put my nose on the back of my person’s legs when I can’t walk anymore, if she takes no notice I sit down in protest! Only with a little persuasion and perhaps some chicken will I continue on my own.

I am a little cheeky that way. P1050194I think this is one of my favourite walkies, alongside some very pretty countryside, and it is just 2 minutes from my front door.

I can’t wait to where I will go next!